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Come to and feel free to explore the whole new online game collection! All the visitors are so welcomed here! We are exceedingly honored to offer lots of K365 games to the players, including various categories such as Racing games, Shooting games, Puzzle games and much more. Playing online games at our website, your fun never dies, plus, you can totally enlarge your game collection as well! Before beginning to check out these games, as an owner of this site, we highly recommend all the players to take a look at our Terms set by the administrators, consisting of rules and regulations in order not to trespass them when you access to our site.  Learning these terms will bring you convenience as well as understand more the content that will be displayed on this site.

Terms of 

As the possessor of, we force all the users, or visitors to follow our regulations: 

 -A user is not allowed to change or take any information away on this site. We made it for all the users to use and discover the interesting contents relating to games.
 -Either the third parties or we will not give any types of warranty to the quality and quantity of the content described on this site. These factors can be relevance, precision, or the achievement though they are accepted by laws. Hence, all the users will need to take responsibilities if they start using our information.
 -There are some of the elements describing on our website, such as graphics, content, design, layout and much more, and they are owned by us! The users are not allowed to make any copies of these elements, if they do, their action will be reflected as illegal piracy.
 -We will also consider the logos that are not possessed by the operator copied on this site.
 Through all the rules that are mentioned above, all the users are not permitted to break those terms for their own sakes! If they do the bad actions like destroying, hacking, and stuff like that, we will claim them as the criminal, and they will be in charge of what they did. That’s why we hope all the users read our terms carefully before using our information or playing their games!
 Also, the users need to notice that contains some of the related links that will bring them more convenience when exploring their information. For example, if they are checking out this game, they can discover the related ones by clicking the related links to experience more. And we will not display other contents of other websites here!

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